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erico 11-06Alumnus Eric Oxendorf ’74 (Photography), whose work has taken him throughout the 50 states and the world, celebrates the cherished architectural characteristics of Milwaukee’s City Hall in a photo essay entitled “The Milwaukee City Hall—An American Masperpiece of the German Renaisance Revival Style.”

The limited-edition book was commissioned by the City of Milwaukee and contributors of the building renovation project. Oxendorf photographed the icon of Milwaukee over a six-week period in 2009. Despite dealing with traffic and varied weather conditions, the building is viewed from many angles that are familiar with the photographer’s life-long observance of the building.

“The images I find and record with the camera are well thought out compositions that serve several purposes,” said Oxendorf. “Giving my clients and the public an image of their project that they have never considered or seen before is my number one goal. Through this project, I was able to capture on large digital format, this important Milwaukee site and its rich history of design and style.”

Oxendorf has photographed the Milwaukee City Hall since 1978 for multiple organizations including the US Department of Interior, National Park Service Archival Division, HABS program of the Federal government and several advertising agencies.


The 8″ by 10″, 79-page hard cover book is available only through the author at 414-397-9840 or

For more information about Oxendorf’s work, visit