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The Park at 1824 exterior; kitchenHigh school senior Grace Mitchell of Hudson, Wis., and her mother Sue, couldn’t say enough about MIAD’s selection of The Park at 1824 as its student residence housing for fall 2011.

In fact, Sue could have written this story.

But she insisted her daughter speak first. Among the first to visit the state-of-the-art building this spring, Grace, who will begin her MIAD studies in the fall, said she “most appreciated the layout of the apartments and the possibility for personal space in the majority of the suites. Access to a kitchen in each suite allows for individual freedom in food and meal choices. That is important to me.”

She also likes having all her “necessities located in one building, like onsite laundry, and not having to pay for an expensive gym membership, since The Park at 1824 includes a fitness center.”

The Park at 1824 living room; fitness centerSue noted everything from the surrounding area, to the interior, proximity to the college and ease of reaching it.

“We discovered a lot of great things in the short, 3½ mile area between MIAD up to Park Place and the 1824 building.

“Students literally step out of the dorm, walk one house away, and are at the bus stop. All the buses have bike racks, which is great, since a dedicated bike path runs from very close to the school, along Lake Michigan, past the Art Museum to the beautiful Urban Ecology Center, a block away from the dorm. And of course, the college is offering a van service as well.

“Then there are the shops, the old theaters, food stores, and a mix of businesses catering to that age group nearby,” Sue said.

“Inside the building, which is new, clean and green, an interior courtyard provides an outdoor space; there are quiet study rooms on each floor; open spaces are available; the workout, laundry and TV/game room are all next to each other; and bike racks are provided in the heated parking below the building.

Grace Mitchell“But what I like most about the Part at 1824 is the option for some personal space in most of the suites. As a parent, it is comforting to know that my daughter will be attending a great school, living in a great dorm, while enjoying time in a great area.”

“MIAD announced the selection of the Park at 1824 based on the college’s commitment to providing the best possible service to our students,” said MIAD President Neil Hoffman. “Over the last three years, the college has seen exponential enrollment growth that prompted us to investigate off-campus housing options beyond our current residence hall facility.”

“Yet in keeping with MIAD’s mission to meet both our educational and social goals for our students, this growth is allowing us to provide new opportunities while maintaining the small class sizes for which the college is known.”

Hoffman emphasized that MIAD students, MIAD resident assistants and the MIAD residence hall director will be the sole residents of The Park at 1824, providing an opportunity to feature onsite social activities and student programming, and some of the most competitive pricing of student housing.

The furnished suites, which contain a 42″ plasma TV in the living area, will house three students per apartment, in either single- or double-occupancy rooms, with single-occupancy the general standard. Utilities are all-inclusive, including cable and wireless Internet.

“Selection of the dorm is part of the tremendous positive change occurring at MIAD,” said Hoffman, “from a reinvented First Year Curriculum, to re-designed physical spaces and continually enhanced student services.”

“As a parent, it is comforting to know that my daughter will be attending a great school, living in a great dorm, while enjoying time in a great area.”
– Sue Mitchell

Prospective students should contact their Admissions Counselor.

Returning students should contact Dean of Students Tony Nowak.

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