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image | MIADIndustrial Design senior Milagros Ramirez spent her summer putting her hard-earned knowledge to good use.  Ramirez completed a coveted internship with General Motors after working with the company during the MIAD/GM collaboration last year. 

In order to be considered for the internship, students had to be enrolled in MIAD’s Power Sports class and submit a portfolio.  During the internship, Ramirez spent the summer as a Creative Sculptor for GM and was able to do some design work for the company.

“I got to work with extremely talented individuals, they not only taught me how to read a form, but also exposed me to the business, engineering, and design side of things. This helped me understand the importance of each aspect in the creation of the final product,” said Ramirez.

image | MIAD

Ramirez’s time at MIAD prepared her with the skills necessary for success in this internship, including a well-rounded understanding of form.

“There are two factors that go into play: two-dimensional and three-dimensional. A sketch describes the desired form through cross sections, lighting, material and cast shadows. It is necessary to understand these in order to form a three dimensional object,” she added.

After completing her successful internship at GM, Ramirez is still forging her future career, advising students to apply for internships that coincide with personal interests and stay open-minded.

“Once you have gained experience within that focus, you will learn whether or not you want to do that for the rest of your life.”

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