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Michael Vollrath

BFA Interior Architecture and Design | 2014

Intern Architect
Hospitality Interiors Group of HKS, Inc.
Dallas, Texas

Shortly after graduating from MIAD, Michael Vollrath landed an Intern Architect position within the Hospitality Interiors group of HKS, Inc. headquartered in Dallas, Texas. At HKS, he has had the privilege to work on a multitude of architectural projects with both national and international reach. Vollrath works on a variety of tasks such as furniture design, lighting design, interior architectural design, concept generation, computer modeling and rendering among others. He is continually learning and exploring new creative methods and says his education at MIAD afforded him the ability to think critically, act decisively and create without limitation.

“MIAD’s Foundations and Interior Architecture and Design programs nurtured my self-driven creative instinct, opened up diverse learning opportunities and taught me clarity in presentation skills that are critical to real-world application. MIAD had me continually bouncing between liberal studies, design and fine art courses while creating projects using different mediums and creative methods within Interior Architecture and Design. This educational experience allows students to use creative aptitudes in new applications and teaches an important open-minded approach towards design where solutions are dynamic and learning is fast-paced and diverse.” 

Esperanza Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 2014-2015. Digital rendering.

Bishop’s Lodge, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2014-2015. Digital rendering.

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