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Thirteen women affiliated with MIAD or its predecessors were among the 75 nominated by the Greater Milwaukee community as “Women of Influence” in the visual arts.

Debra Brehmer; Liberal Arts Faculty
Author, curator

Paula Christensen; Alumna
Northshore Academy of the Arts

Lois Ehlert; Alumna
Author, illustrator of children’s books

Dorota Nelson; Outreach Instructor, printmaking

Josie Osborne; Director of Outreach

Joanna Poehlmann; Alumna
Artist, collector

Val Schleicher; Alumna
Wauwatosa Art Fair, state park advocate

Jill Sebastian; Professor of Sculpture,

Sonja Thomsen; Part-time Photography Faculty
Artist, president of the Coalition of Photographic Arts

Fahimeh Vahdat; Professor of Painting
Artist, women’s advocate

Lindsey Wolkowicz; Admissions Counselor
Artist and freelance writer

Rina Yoon, Professor of Fine Arts

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