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mckenzie-mke-99MIAD Communication Design students swept the student awards at the annual United Adworkers Milwaukee 99 awards show for the third consecutive year.

Winners, introduced by Chelsea Atwell ’10 include:

bennett-mke-99-webGold: Carsyn Taylor McKenzie ’14 (Communication Design), Riverwest Co-Op Campaign, “Non-Profit Campaign,” taught by Ashley Potter

Silver: Andrea Bennett ’14 (Communication Design), Grumpy Troll Brewery, “Grumpy Troll Logo,” taught by Tony La Porte

norenberg-mke-99-webMerit: Amber Norenberg ’15 (Communication Design), Multi-Tool Packaging Project, “Chic Curiosities,” taught by Bill Kaminski

turbessi-mke99Merit: Jillian Turbessi ’14 (Communication Design), Rubbermaid, “Rubbermaid Spatula,” taught by Ashley Potter

MIAD alumni also picked up many awards at the Milwaukee 99 in categories such as art direction,  illustration and digital design. Winning alumni include Bryan Padovano ’12 (art direction at BVK), Chelsea Atwell ’10 (art direction, digital design, illustration at Laughlin Constable) and Rich Kohnke ’84 (art direction, executive creative direction at Laughlin Constable), among others.

Top image: Carsyn Taylor McKenzie ’14, detail, “Non-Profit Campaign”
Second image: Andrea Bennett ’14, detail, “Grumpy Troll Logo”
Third image: Amber Norenberg ’15, detail, “Chic Curiosities” 
Fourth image: Jillian Turbessi ’14, detail, “Rubbermaid Spatula”
Last image: Student winners (left to right), Carsyn Taylor McKenzie ’14, Andrea Bennett ’14, Jillian Turbessi ’14, Amber Norenberg ’15