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MIAD students design for the future of transportation systems

Feb 17, 2022

When team members of a global network wanted fresh, visionary and sustainable design proposals for a next-generation transportation system and its built environment, they turned to MIAD Interior Architecture and Design students.

HyperloopTT has created  tube-based inter- and intra-city transportation systems that move people and goods at airplane speeds safely, efficiently and sustainably.  A possible future location in Milwaukee is at the southern end of downtown.

“This project was nothing like any other project we have worked on,” said Emma Johnson ’23 (Interior Architecture and Design). “It is something for the future, which allowed me to think a little more outside the box and to see the boundaries I can push for myself for the real world.”

Work by Emma Johnson ’23

The junior students designed interior station spaces for Hyperloop MKE. These included a Social Pavilion (café, gallery and open seating); exterior Social Yard; and station seating, gates, and interface between the gates and the capsules with a sensitivity to wayfinding. Students’ work received direction and feedback throughout the semester from HyperloopTT experts in California, Minnesota and Illinois, and has made MIAD part of the Great Lakes HyperloopTT Consortium an ongoing project.

“The most valuable aspect of this project was getting to work with the HyperloopTT team,” said Marycruz Romero ’23. “Designing the Hyperloop gave us all an insight on what commercial design is like …  and I now feel more confident about large-scale projects. This project was definitely something that will help me prepare for the future as an interior designer.”

Work by Marycruz Romero ’23

“Even though this project was challenging, all my classmates did amazing,” said Johnson. “Everyone’s project was completely different and unique, which really started to show each of our styles!”

Work by Lynn Xing ’23

Work by Abigail Roman ’23


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