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caruso-biztimes-webWhen the Milwaukee BizTimes needed a nationally renowned expert for a cover story and special report on design thinking, they knew exactly who to turn to – Associate Professor of Industrial Design John Caruso.

Following are just some of Caruso’s thoughts about design thinking at the corporate and the studio levels, and the critical role designers play in fueling growth and innovation.

“Design thinking is all about process, and openness to exploring innovative ideas never before envisioned, no matter how absurd or impractical they may appear at first.”

“Through the creative problem solving process, industrial designers help companies improve their products and services to fit the needs and preferences of consumers as best as possible.”

“It’s a great time to be a designer anytime, but it’s even more so now that companies are seeing the reality of (its value).”

“Design is a survival skill from day one on this planet.”


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Photo: Troy Freund Photography