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MIAD Innovation Center connects students and MIAD community virtually

Apr 22, 2020

MIAD’s courses aren’t the only thing that’s moved online this semester. Each Friday, the MIAD Innovation Center hosts Virtual Meetups to give students a chance to talk and connect with faculty and staff outside the classroom.

Estephanie Mendoza

Estephanie Mendoza ’21 (Illustration)

“The Friday sessions are a hub for discussion and interaction, which we all really need right now,” says Estephanie Mendoza ’20 (Illustration), who has worked on projects for clients via the MIAD Innovation Center. “For me, the simple act of seeing everyone’s faces and hearing everyone’s voices brings a bit of comfort.”

The MIAD Innovation Center’s virtual meetups focus on a new topic each week, such as how creative innovation comes out of challenging times, tips for getting motivated, and staying positive and creative during isolation. All individuals attending the events have the opportunity to participate and share their experiences.

Olivia Paul

Olivia Paul ’21 (Industrial Design)

“Seeing all of my teachers’ faces, and hearing the conversations is an instant mood boost and friendly reminder that we’re all in this together,” says Olivia Paul ’21 (Industrial Design), who has attended the virtual meetups for the MIAD Innovation Center, as well as other virtual student events such as MIAD Trivia sessions.

“For a lot of us, it’s been a struggle to get up and create,” Olivia adds. “Being able to share what’s worked for us and ways we’ve felt encouraged to get up and work as normally as possible has been nice.”