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Luis Hernandez Lego Design

“I feel that this [LEGO] toy inspires future engineers, architects and designers.” – Luis Hernandez ’16 (Industrial Design)

Industrial Design student Luis Hernandez is a part-time supervisor of a LEGO store, and was insured to combine his studies and work life. For a long time he has been a fan of LEGO’s Architecture series, which brings landmarks from around the world to life in LEGO bricks.

Luis Hernandez Lego Design

Between school projects and long work hours, Hernandez decided to challenge his engineering and LEGO expertise by creating Santiago Calatrava’s design for the Milwaukee Art Museum in LEGOs. Since Calatrava’s design is organic, abstract and virtually lacking right angles, this design would be difficult.

Hernandez was delighted to find that “LEGO produces an unbelievable amount of different types of pieces.” He worked on the model for close to two months, and was even able to recreate the signature wings, or brise soleil, that open and close like the actual Milwaukee Art Museum’s.

The model is now on LEGO’s Ideas website in hopes that it might gain the 10,000 votes needed for LEGO to put their own designers on the job, and consider manufacturing the design as a LEGO kit. Due to the publicity from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Today’s TMJ4, the design has recently tripled its votes. Vote online now to support our local talent!

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