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In it’s 13th year the prestigious Mary L. Nohl Fellowship comes with a larger financial prize, and fewer winners. 

Out of 158 applicants five winners were selected, with two in the established artists category, which comes with a $20,000 prize, and three in the emerging artists category, which includes a $10,000 prize.

Jon Horvath, New Studio Practice faculty member, is one of two winners in the established artists category. Horvath’s current work focuses on the mythologies of the American West.  Zach Hill ’15 (Integrated Studio Arts) and faculty member Maggie Sasso were awarded grants in the emerging artists category. 

Faculty member Kevin J. Miyazaki, Paul Druecke ’87 and Shane Walsh ’01 (Drawing) were finalists in the established artists category, and William Carpenter ’12 (Painting), Grant Gill ’13 (Photography), James Pederson ’12 (ISA) and Corbett Toomsen ’04 (Illustration) were finalists in the emerging artists category.