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miad-at-40-logo“The value of MIAD is inextricably linked to Milwaukee’s past and present economy, and most importantly, to its plans for the future.” Stuart Rosenfeld, Ph.D., OECD, 2014

MIAD continues to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its 1974 founding by being the only college in the country included in a new book by the international Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), based on the disproportionate impact of its alumni on the region’s design and creative economies.

Decades of business and curricular partnerships spanning a who’s who of companies and organizations, coupled with major programmatic initiatives, have solidified the success of MIAD graduates in the region and the college’s now global reputation.

MIAD has been described in the book as the sole, non-profit undergraduate college in the state dedicated exclusively to building a regional cluster of creativity and innovation through its Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, and its community education and gallery programs for youth, adults and teachers. 

Yet, as cited by the OECD, it is MIAD’s cross-disciplinary curricula, experiences and outcomes, and the creative minds that shape and deliver them, that truly distinguish the college from other institutions of higher education.

An anonymous donor who believes strongly in the college’s students and their impact is honoring MIAD this year by matching every new and increased gift to the Annual Fund up to $250,000.

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