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li-ivana-webHaiyin “Ivana” Li ’15 (Interior Architecture and Design) used her ability to draw inspiration from unexpected sources to create “Tetris Books,” a design inspired by the traditional computer game Tetris. Li’s original and innovative design was awarded second prize in the 2015 Zhu Long Architecture and Environmental Design Competition.

The annual competition is open to young Chinese architects who are either currently in school or recently graduated, and this year there were over 300 schools participating from around the world. The competition strives to give young architects a chance to share their works with the public, and to connect them with the top Chinese design firms. This year, 31 top architects and designers from around the nation were invited to judge the submissions.

The design of Tetris Books, like in the game of Tetris, brings together various shapes and spaces to create a cohesive whole. “These spaces bring a level of transparency when viewed externally, creating an illusion of motion as the blocks appear to be shifting to interlock with their counterparts,” said Li.


Tetris Books “will be an epicenter for three distinct components of the surrounding community as it serves students, local residents and retail consumers.” The open concept design creates further connection between MIAD and the local community.

Li’s design is more than just a bookstore; it’s a coffee shop, gallery and a center for the entire Third Ward community. Tetris Books “brings the world within its walls, stacking its knowledge, community and culture, as one stacks each layer of blocks in the game of Tetris,” said Li.

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