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My Body Beneath the Concrete, Crystal Cudworth, oil on canvas, 66" x 44"

My Body Beneath the Concrete,
Crystal Cudworth, oil on canvas, 66" x 44"

June 7 – July 30, Frederick Layton Gallery

2011 Juried Senior Exhibition through July 30

“Bar and restaurant design has always been something I wanted to try because there is such a broad range of possibilities and opportunities to be creative. The thing I love about design in general is that it’s all about creative problem solving.”

So says Amanda Koch ’11 (Interior Architecture and Design), one of 22 visual artists selected by faculty to represent this year’s graduating class in the MIAD 2011 Juried Exhibition June 7 – July 30.

Through their thesis projects from the 2011 Senior Exhibition, these visual artists demonstrate not only the multidisciplinary and creative problem solving skills acquired through one major area of study. Many graduates also have double majors or minors areas of study as well.

Among the projects:

  • “Burst,” Koch’s redesign of the Third Ward building housing Tulip restaurant, based on the concept of “bursting through walls to break down the boundaries between public and private, servant and served, and interior and exterior.”
  • “Organizations and Collapses,” paintings by Crystal Cudworth, who majored in Painting and minored in Photography and Writing. “Drawing on encounters with strangers, personal relationships and dreams,” Cudworth says she “moves the light of the canvas through mark making, analyzing both positive and negative experiences of being a young female artist in contemporary society to synthesize them together.”
  • “aegis,” a transportable dwelling for homeless and transient individuals that provides year-round shelter in Milwaukee’s climate by Industrial Design major Jonna Cammack, who minored in Integrated Studio Arts. Cammack’s socially conscious business plan suggests a retail price of $99.95 for the single-person tent, which also subsidizes the cost of the tent dwelling for a person in need.
  • Animation, drawing and sculptural works by Time-Based Media major Mitchell Vizensky, whose project was one of three awarded an Alumni Thesis Scholarship by MIAD’s Alumni Council. You can see more of his works at the website he designed,
"Burst" Bar, Amanda Koch

"Burst" Bar, Amanda Koch

Additional participating artists and designers are: Sarah Rose Niemiec (Painting), Sean Cairns (Sculpture), Paul Peck (Sculpture major and Industrial Design minor), Adam Jaye Mickey Porter (Drawing and Printmaking majors), Amelia Toporsh (Printmaking), Mandie Lousier and Andrea Payne (Photography), Nicholas C. Nagowski (Drawing major and Illustration minor), Liza Pflughoft (Drawing and Printmaking majors), Patricia Rose (Danielle Rosen) (Integrated Studio Arts major and Writing minor), Lesley Etters (Integrated Studio Arts), Kezra Cornell (Communication Design) and Kt Schramm (Communication Design major and Photography minor), Liz Nugent and Alexandra Platt (Illustration), Sara Burger (Interior Architecture and Design) and Kevin Wells (Time-Based Media).

The exhibition will be open through Gallery Day and Night, July 29 and 30. MIAD summer exhibits include Communication Design, Interior Architecture and Design and Industrial Design exhibits in the student-run Erie Street Gallery; Milwaukee Riverkeeper Arts and the Rivers Contest July 29, and Pre-College exhibits July 23 and 30.