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image | MIADMIAD alumnus Kyle James ’15 (Time-Based Media) has always had a desire for danger and risk, seeking it out from an early age.  James, along with partner Michael Bourne, turned that same desire into the 11-minute short film, “The Death Drive,” which will be shown at the Milwaukee Film Festival as part of The Milwaukee Show #1.  The screening is Sunday, Sept. 27 at the Oriental Theater.

James says the message of the film is, “to do whatever is needed to feel alive. For Michael and I, this means feeling alive by seeking out danger and risk. The main character in the film, the self-proclaimed ‘astronaut,’ must find the balance between having a relationship and embracing his urge to self-destruct.”

image | MIAD

This danger is evident throughout the film, which includes many daring stunts.

“About a third of them are real, a third of them are fake and a third of them are a weird mixture of the two,” said James.  For example, the main character, played by James, really does light himself on fire.

“The Death Drive” was created for James’ senior thesis project and took around 10 months to complete. The film was awarded Audience Favorite at the Wisconsin Filmmaker’s Screening and was exhibited at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

James says MIAD played a major role in his success as well as that of the film, crediting the guidance of his professors and MIAD staff in adding to the films impact. “The content of the story and the technology used to create it was all a result of MIAD’s support of the film.”

This is only the beginning for James, he and Bourne are currently working on a full-length feature film that will be produced over the next few years in Milwaukee. Like “The Death Drive,” this Sci-fi thriller will incorporate a sense of high-adrenaline and risk.

To purchase tickets for “The Death Drive,” click here.

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