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An Urban Innovator.

graduated 1998, BFA double-major, Industrial Design + Sculpture, minored in Illustration
currently President + Co-Owner of Flux Design


Jeremy Shamrowicz

Jeremy Shamrowicz

“Everybody comes to MIAD for the same reason, they’ve got a passion for creativity. We’ve simply found a way to keep that experience alive.”

“When I was a child, all I wanted to do was grow up; now that I’m an adult, all I want to do is be a child.” An avid Star Wars and Lord of the Rings collector and outdoorsman, Jeremy Shamrowicz completed his MIAD degree with a double-major in Industrial Design and Sculpture. When asked how his MIAD education affected where he is today, Shamrowicz replied, “What I’ve gleaned from MIAD has been invaluable: the teachers, the students, the challenge and the competition.”

After graduation, “I committed myself to becoming self-employed. I was determined to spend night and day building my own life — my living, my business, my family and friends.”

Shamrowicz signed a lease on a gallery space on North Water Street in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee. Jesse Meyer, a MIAD graduate and good friend of Shamrowicz, left his special-effects job in California, returning to Milwaukee to work with Shamrowicz on Gallery 326. For several months, they built an entirely new interior for the space while creating artwork and furniture for the gallery’s opening. Shamrowicz says, “In fact, the very first table we made used materials left over from some of my MIAD sculpture projects.” From this, Flux Design was born, and the company has continued to grow, gaining renown around the world.


The Flux Team

The Flux Team

Flux Design concepts, designs, fabricates, and installs interior and exterior elements for commercial and residential clients. In the five years since the company began, it has grown to over fifteen employees, with over half who are MIAD graduates. The company also employs several MIAD student interns on a regular basis. Recently, Flux moved into a 20,000 square-foot fabrication facility in the Riverworks Business Park in Milwaukee, WI.

When asked how he would like to change culture, Shamrowicz responded, “I would love to get people to understand that art is not something on a wall or on a pedestal. Art is everywhere. I would like to get everyone to take five minutes per day to recognize it; to see it all around them; to appreciate the little things.”


furnishings for Eve restaurant + nightclub, Milwaukee, WI.

furnishings for residential and commerical space.

Places to see the work of Flux Design:

  • Vucciria Restaurant, Milwaukee, WI
  • Terrace Bar, Milwaukee, WI
  • Vivo Urban Grill, Milwaukee, WI
  • Velvet Room, Milwaukee, WI
  • Roots, restaurant, Milwaukee, WI
  • Sauce, restaurant, Milwaukee, WI
  • Crave, restaurant, Madison, WI
  • Pizza Shuttle, Milwaukee, WI
  • Ducati Cafe, Saukville, WI
  • Twisted Fork, restaurant, Milwaukee, WI
  • Eve, restaurant/nightclub, Milwaukee, WI
  • The Social, restaurant, Milwaukee, WI

Select businesses that Flux Design has worked or collaborated with:

  • Starbucks
  • Masterlock
  • Laughlin-Constable marketing firm
  • Zimmerman Design Group
  • Ducati Motorcycles
  • Boelter & Lincoln marketing firm
  • BOP clothing store
  • Cramer-Krasselt advertising/marketing firm