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Bringing Design to the World.

attended high school in Canada | graduated 2002, BFA Illustration
currently a graphic designer @ Rishi Tea Company


“I don’t think I wanted to be something specific as a child, but I remember I always found myself doing art.”


Jenny Kim

Jenny Kim has come a long way to find a new home here in Milwaukee; she was born in Korea, graduated from high school in Canada, entered the Samsung Art & Design Institute in Korea and eventually transferred to MIAD to complete her degree in Illustration. While at MIAD, Jenny spent a summer in Ireland through an exchange program. “The Ireland trip opened my eyes as an artist. I learned that expressing my feelings and communicating with others are the most important elements of being an artist.”


Since graduating from MIAD, Kim has had many freelance jobs, including poster and scenery design. She is currently employed as a designer at Rishi Tea Company, designing package labels, posters, flyers, the company website and promotional projects. Asked about her career goals at Rishi Tea, Kim replied, “I want to use my design skills to advertise Asian tea-drinking traditions to American customers.”