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Vision Fitness Testimonial

"Working with MIAD students is a phenomenal way to bring creativity into the business environment."
Chris Cox
Product and Marketing Director
Vision Fitness

Harley-Davidson Testimonial

"Harley-Davidson is energized by our growing partnership with MIAD and ability to assist in the development of the college’s campus and its students. Harley Stylists play an integral role in the college’s ground-breaking Industrial Design PowerSports course, which they helped to found in 2008, and, last fall, students from across five majors participated in The Helmet Project, Harley-Davidson Museum’s first feature exhibition. It is especially gratifying now to see how the Interior Architecture and Design students are using the donated materials to transform MIAD’s campus for all students."
Matt Levatich
President and COO

Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce Testimonial

When it comes to creative talent, Milwaukee’s edge is MIAD…. Local businesses rely on MIAD for the creative talent they need in today’s global marketplace."
Tim Sheehy
Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce

Milwaukee Art Museum Testimonial

"The included artists [MIAD Alumni] demonstrate strengths in a variety of media, a testament to the college’s multimedia approach and trends of the current art world."
John McKinnon
Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art
Milwaukee Art Museum

Discovery World Testimonial

"Our relationship with MIAD, the epicenter of our creative community, recognizes that in the 21st century, the creative spirit is not marginal, but vital."
Paul Krajniak
Discovery World

Harley-Davidson Testimonial

"The talent of the MIAD students is inspiring, and the faculty really does a great job of leading the students toward a real-world experience. That is a goal where all truly benefit."
Ray Drea
Redirector of Styling
Harley-Davidson Motor Corporation

Greater Milwaukee Committee Testimonial

"You don’t measure MIAD’s impact just by the wonderful artists it educates. Its grads work in companies throughout the region… MIAD is a vital part of our creative capital."
Julia Taylor
Greater Milwaukee Committee

Shepherd Express Testimonal

"As this [Helmet Project] exhibition demonstrates, MIAD produces gifted students who positively impact Milwaukee’s culture and business environment."
Peggy Sue Dunigan
The Shepherd Express