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Flow Crutch

Three Industrial Design students were honored in the 21st annual Student Design Competition sponsored by the International Housewares Association (IHA) for creative product concepts.

Zachary Handziak ’14 placed second for his design, Flow Crutches, which “enable people to walk up and down stairs, to sit and to reach or bend during daily tasks,” said Handziak. “It’s lightweight aluminum pieces and thermoform plastic handle are recyclable.”

Safe Cooking

Sara Linginfelter’s ’13 third place design, Safe Cooking, is designed for the visually impaired, but can benefit any home cook. “The project was completed as a result of my senior thesis, which went through a few various topics before I decided to focus on cooking burns for the visually impaired,” Linginfelter said.



Ross Stalter’s ’14 NaO design, which received an honorable mention, is a lunch box that has the ability to keep a meal cold, as well as heat a meal with the push of a button. He explained, “NaO has great potential, it can be utilized at job sites, school, work, hunting and even hiking trips.”

IHA holds the annual competition to expand awareness of careers in industrial design among students, and highlight the impact of design on the $314.3 billion global housewares industry.

The competition winners were chosen from 190 entries by a jury, which included product development managers from IHA member companies, a major retailer, design consultants and three educators.

Senior Professor of Industrial Design Pascal Malassigné said MIAD Industrial Design students have won awards 34 times in the 21-year history of this competition.

First image: Zachary Handziak, Flow Crutches
Second image: Sara Linginfelter, Safe Cooking
Third image: Ross Stalter, NaO