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Faculty Portal

The faculty portal is your access to class rosters, student information, and grading.

Click here to access the portal or add this link to your bookmarks:

Connect using your MIAD user account and password. This is the username and password you use to connect to MIAD email and college computers.

Spring 2021 Academic Calendar :

January 11                Spring Classes Begin

January 15                Open Enrollment ends: 2:00pm

January 18                Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – no classes

February 4                 4-week reports due: 8:00pm

March 8                      Mid-terms due: 12:00pm

March 8-12                 Spring Break – no classes

March 19                    Last day to withdraw from spring classes

April 30                       Last day of Spring Semester

May 4                         Final Grades Due: 2:00pm

May 8                         2021 Graduation Ceremony

Spring 2021 Final Grades:

Due before 2:00pm Tuesday, May 4th 

Please read the following information regarding final grades.

Please do not assign a student an incomplete grade if you have not been in contact with the student and have not made arrangements with the student concerning the work to be completed and deadlines.  Assign their final grade accordingly, especially if a student stopped attending class and you have not been notified that they withdrew.  

Final Grades:

Final grades will be entered via the Faculty Portal:   The portal is now open.

Enter the faculty portal and choose your course from the list and click on the “Final Grade” tab.  Please give each student a grade.   Students who officially withdrew from your class will be marked with a “W”. Do Not change any “W” or “AU” grades already entered.  Contact the Registrar’s office with questions.

All other students must be given one of the following letter grades:  A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F

Please note there is not an D- grade.  D is a passing grade and students that earn a D will be allowed to proceed to the next level of courses.

Incomplete Grades:

An incomplete grade may be assigned to a student whose work has been delayed due to unusual circumstances, such as an illness, or a death in the family.  Please do not assign an incomplete grade to a student if you have not been in contact with the student nor made arrangements with the student concerning the work to be completed.  Assign their final grade accordingly.

All incomplete grades must be changed to letter grades within 30 days (one calendar month) of the end of the spring semester, or by May 30, 2021.  Summer sessions begin May 10th, and spring incomplete grades may affect a student’s summer schedule.

Please email the Registrar’s office to officially change an incomplete grade.  All incomplete grades will lapse to an F if not changed by the deadline.

If you are extending the incomplete deadline, please send me an email so I can make note in the student’s record and verify that it will not affect summer registration.

Thank you!