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The faculty portal is your access to class rosters, student information, and grading.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020 by 8:00PM

The 4th week of the semester is a good time to give first-year students feedback on how they are doing so far in their classes.  It also allows students to make adjustments to their time-management and to seek additional resources if needed. It is mandatory for all first-year faculty to submit 4-week reports on the first-year students. The 4-week report is a snap-shot of how the students are doing at the ¼ point in the semester – either making satisfactory progress or not making progress and the areas of concern.

Areas of concern include: – Attendance – Meeting Deadlines – Quality of Work – Signs of Physical/Emotional stress – Not Prepared – Refer for Tutoring – Not using Field Book

The Four Week report ALSO provides faculty with an opportunity to share with students what they are doing WELL; it is a chance to let students know that their work is satisfactory and to recognize their strengths. These reports are an important part of retention– identifying early where a student might need an intervention and also, where they might benefit from hearing that they are doing well.

Areas of strength that you might identify: Consistent attendance and participation – Success with meeting deadlines – Substantial quality of work – Being prepared – Following through on LRC recommendations – Using Field Book

The portal is now open for entering 4-week reports: Make sure you have the correct semester and click on a class to bring up the course roster.  If all students in your classes are making satisfactory progress you must still log into the portal and click the appropriate box.   Also add comments even if the students are making satisfactory progress. 4-week reports are sent to all students who have a 4-week report. You do not need to enter 4-week reports for your upper-level students/classes, but they will also receive a report if you enter one. If the Registration Office has not notified you that a student has withdrawn from your class, assume that he or she is still enrolled and report that the student is not attending and/or any other concerns. The student will show as withdrawn on your class roster and 4-week report screen. You do not need to enter any information for students that have withdrawn from the class. We will distribute a letter and the 4-week report to each student on Friday, September 25th.  What you submit, especially in the comments section, is exactly what the student will see in the report. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Jean Weimer, Registrar


Fall 2020 Calendar

August 31

Fall Classes Begin


September 4

Open Enrollment Ends, 2:00pm


September 24

4-week reports due for all FYE courses, 8:00pm


October 22

Mid-terms due for all students, 8:00pm


November 6

Last day to withdraw from Fall classes


November 23 – 27

Thanksgiving Break


December 18

Last Day of Classes


December 22

Final Grades Due before 2:00pm


January 11, 2021

Spring classes begin


Have a great semester!