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Faculty Portal

The faculty portal is your access to class rosters, student information, and grading.

Click here to access the portal or add this link to your bookmarks:

Connect using your MIAD user account and password. This is the username and password you use to connect to MIAD email and college computers.

Mid-Term Grade Reports are due no later than 8:00pm Thursday, October 12th  

It is mandatory for all Faculty to submit mid-term reports to notify students of their progress at the halfway point of the semester. All students receive a Mid-Term grade and comment, including first-year students.  

The Faculty Portal will be used to enter mid-term grades and can be accessed from anywhere – you do not need to be on campus.  The portal is now open for grading.


If the Registration office has not notified you that a student has withdrawn from your class, assume that they are still enrolled and report that the student is not attending class.  The “W” will appear on the mid-term screen.  You do not need to report on withdrawn students.

Mid-term grades will be emailed to students on, Friday, Oct. 13th.  What you submit, especially in the comments section, is exactly what the student will see in the report. Any missing reports will be the responsibility of the instructor to notify their students individually on their mid-term progress. 

Last day for students to withdraw from classes is Friday, October 27th, before 2:00pm.  Students must submit a drop form in the Registrar’s Office to drop a class.  Notification to the faculty is not sufficient to drop courses. 

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Fall 2023 Academic Calendar:

August 21                                          Fall Classes Begin

August 25                                          Open Enrollment Ends: 2:00pm

September 4                                      Labor – No Classes

September 14                                    4-Week Reports due for FYE faculty

October 9-10                                      Fall Break – No Classes

October 12                                         Midterms due for all faculty

October 27                                          Last Day to Withdraw from Fall Classes

November 22-24                                 Thanksgiving Break – No Classes

December 8                                         Last Day of Fall Semester

December 12                                       Final Grades Due by NOON (12:00pm)