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Morgan_Bouldes_Headshop (2).jpgDetroiter, Morgan Chandler Bouldes, is an Interdisciplinary Artist, writer & Experience Curator. Presently, her thoughts are heavily centered around the invisible web & connective tissue of Humankind that are shared experience & emotion. The foundation of her practice is deeply rooted in sharing her personal narrative through experimental storytelling. As she evolves in skill and age her methods of art making follow suit & have taken various forms such as, but not limited to, photography, ritual performance, film, audio & spoken word. Embracing the Ethereal, she meditates heavily on connectedness, spiritual identity, ancestry & the passing of time. Morgan is a recent graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art, obtaining a MFA in Photography as well as holding a BFA in Photography from Wayne State University. She is also a 2021 recipient of the AICAD Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship per the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.