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Maurizio MurruI love teaching and sharing knowledge. Throughout my life, I have been enjoying sharing my enthusiasm for the outdoors and related activities with people, including for example teaching kayaking or free diving.

When biology took a predominant place in my life, it was only a natural progression for me to want to teach it to others. I take my passions in biology, ecology and evolution, into the classroom, where I use them to enrich students’ learning experiences through participatory methods. Making students eager to learn, excited about a project or a topic, or amazed at what life is all about, is what makes my day, my semester and my life. My hope is that through my teaching and through my enthusiasm, students learn to appreciate nature, and to become more aware of their environment and more informed as citizens.

I obtained my degree in biology in the University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, where I worked in aquaculture and marine biology. Once I moved to the USA, I obtained my Master of Science – Biology at UW-Milwaukee in 2013. My most recent interests span from seaweed ecology in the Pacific Northwest, to plankton interactions in urban ponds.

I continue to pursue knowledge in my fields of interest through my innate curiosity and my thirst for continuous knowledge seeking. I also continue to teach outside the classroom, sharing my passion for outdoor activities.