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Leslie Fedorchuk is an artist and educator who has been working in the genre of alternative processes and artists’ books for the past twenty-five years. She earned her BFA from University of Michigan and her MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She completed further graduate study in theology at St. Francis Seminary. Her written and visual work deals with issues of autobiography, memory, and domestic narratives. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has work in many private and public collections including the Milwaukee Public Library, The Tweed Museum of Art, Special Collections Ð UW Milwaukee, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Fedorchuk is a Professor in the Liberal Studies Division at MIAD, where she has developed and taught courses in the humanities, art history, writing, letterpress and book-arts. She has been a part of the MIAD community since the early nineties Ð serving both on the faculty and as an academic dean.

In 2007, Fedorchuk curated a large exhibit at MIAD, Sacred Texts / Contemporary Forms: Spiritual Traditions in the Digital Age. This international exhibit was the culmination of a year’s sabbatical work. It included three panels with visiting scholars and artists in the field of both book-arts and sacred texts.

Currently serving as the Director of Academic Service Learning for the college, Fedorchuk had a decade of experience in human services before coming to academia. She believes in the importance of creative people in every aspect of community life and encourages students to see themselves as change-makers both in and out of the studio.

“These days, I am happiest in the classroom when I’m able teaching courses that are structured to help students examine and understand the importance of both research and practice – scholarship and studio work. In addition, I want the community of the classroom to be looking closely at how we can best incorporate social networking and technology into the way we work.”

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