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Lauren, an aquatic ecologist and natural science educator, has been teaching at MIAD since 2011. Her course offerings include Environmental Literacy, Defenders of the Environment, and Sustainable Future. In her classes, Lauren works to further develop students’ understanding of their connections to the world in which they live, with each course providing opportunities for students to investigate, interpret and communicate their findings. Through course offerings and mentorship, Lauren facilitates student understanding of the world around them while fostering growth and innovation in practice.

Lauren received her BA in Conservation and Environmental Science, as well as her MS and PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Her graduate work was based in aquatic biology, with research interests investigating living and nonliving influences on phytoplankton cell death, along with phytoplankton-zooplankton interactions in Lake Michigan and other local bodies of water.

Scholarly article: Problems and pitfalls in using HPLC pigment analysis to distinguish Lake Michigan phytoplankton taxa