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Steffey_Faculty PhotoJoshua has been teaching writing and humanities courses at MIAD since 2015. He pursued his undergraduate work in English at the University of Illinois and followed this with a life-changing volunteer tour in the Peace Corps Western Russia program, where he learned something of the vast diversity of human experience and the value of cross-cultural understanding. Joshua completed his graduate studies in English at Marquette University with a dissertation examining how mid-twentieth century American poets deployed various rhetorical tactics in responding to a world torn apart by war, genocidal politics, and other violent cultural exclusions predicated on arbitrary markers of identity. He has enduring interests in ekphrasis—the aesthetic tradition of exchange between poetry and the visual arts—and ethics as conceived in the wake of modern historical trauma. Joshua aspires to foster compassionate, values-driven inquiry in the classroom and counts himself privileged to work with MIAD students, the future creators and designers of a better world.