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Elaine BohannonElaine Bohannon has been teaching at MIAD since January of 2007. Before coming to Milwaukee, she lived and taught art history, painting, drawing, and humanities classes in Chicago and Detroit. She began her involvement in the arts as a painter, receiving an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While there, she was a member of Artemisia, a co-operatively run gallery for women. Contemporary issues in art were always a fundamental concern to Bohannon, and eventually she made a shift in focus from art practice to art history. She returned to graduate school to pursue an MA, and then completing course work toward a PhD in Art History at the University of Chicago where her major area of concentration was Contemporary Critical Theory. Here at MIAD, she has continued that focus by developing courses on Contemporary Critical Theory and Practice, exploring a wide range of contemporary artists, their ideological approaches to their work, and their evolving relationship to society.

Nicholas Green’s Cultural Re-Education for the Nineteen-Nineties