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Faculty’s dynamism reflected in exhibited work

August 15 – September 6
Layton Gallery
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Multidisciplinary,”“multitalented” and “multigenerational” describe faculty artists and designers, who have returned from national and international exhibits and studio opportunities to continue the work that inspires and informs their educational passion. A biennial exhibition of their creativity runs August 15 – September 6 in the Frederick Layton Gallery.

Participating faculty include:

  • Jason S. Yi, Foundations and Art Professor – who recently participated in a group exhibition at Blank Space in New York City that will travel to Los Angeles and Chicago. One of 200 artists worldwide nominated for the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship, Yi will show three photographs from the “Yellow Mountain Series.”
  • kathryn e. martin, alumna, Foundations and Pre-College Faculty – whose new installation work shows “a small sampling of what can be done to an entire wall or environment” by dissecting a new, eco-friendly form of traditional packing peanuts.
  • Brandon Bauer, alumnus and Time-Based Media Faculty – whose “State of the Union” video/digital animation and potent tragicomedy uses humor to highlight the gestures of the proceedings in televised presidential addresses. His works have recently been included at Milwaukee’s Woodland Pattern and at “Experiments in Cinema” in Albuquerque.

Additional participating faculty include: Rosalie Beck, Zoë Darling, Waldek Dynerman, Deone Jahnke, Shana McCaw, Caroline Long, Mike Rebholz, Rebecca Schoenecker, Sonja Thomsen, Melissa Wagner-Lawler, Shane Walsh, Fahimeh Vahdat, and Rina Yoon, 2008 Sacajawea Award Artist.

Part II of the Faculty Exhibition will run from September 16 – October 4.

Running concurrently with both parts is “Project Identity” – the sabbatical work of Foundations Associate Professor James Barany. A yearlong animated collaboration with more than 700 students from 20 schools in 10 states, “Project Identity” is the students’ story of “who and “where” they are – physically, emotionally and collectively. The final animated work will be submitted to national and international film festivals.