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Emerging Technology Center hosts Technique of the Week

During the fall 2023 semester, the Lubar Emerging Technology Center at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) hosts “Technique of the Week” demonstrations for students, faculty and staff. MIAD community members are invited to attend presentations on everything from 3D scanning objects to fermentation to Minecraft. Most recently, attendees played pinball on a handmade virtual pinball machine.

Andy Bernier, associate professor and chair of the Illustration major, created the virtual pinball machine during COVID. “If you know me, you know that I talk about pinball way too much right now,” laughs Bernier. “Thanks for coming to an actual forum so I can get it off my chest!”

A painted wooden frame and antique coin collection panel make up the foundation of Bernier’s machine, which emulates physical pinball machines by using a computer software program and three flat-top screens to display custom-illustrated graphics and animations. Based on classic pinball games from the 90’s, like Junkyard, the virtual pinball machine is fully functional and allows players to choose from a multitude of games.

From soldering electrical work to 3D printing pieces to laser cutting components, Bernier used resources and education provided by the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) to construct his virtual pinball machine. During his presentation, he described mechanisms like an accelerometer sensor, which detects when players shake the machine and allows the device to react appropriately. “One of the elements was trying to make it as realistic as possible,” explains Bernier.

The virtual pinball machine will be available to view for the next month in the ETC, after which Bernier hopes to submit the machine to the upcoming faculty exhibition. Visit the ETC and view the schedule for the next Technique of the Week!


MIAD Board of Trustees welcomes June 2024 new members

At their June 2024 meeting, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) Board of Trustees welcomed Sarah Smith Pancheri and Keven Ringgold as new members serving on behalf of MIAD under the leadership of Board Chair Deanna Tillisch and college president Jeff Morin.

Guardian Fine Art Services donates printing press

Students returning to classes in the Printmaking Lab at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) this fall will notice a new addition—an additional printing press donated to the college by Guardian Fine Art Services.

MIAD showcases Layton School of Art alum Lois Ehlert

This summer, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) is pleased to host an exhibition of work by renowned Wisconsin illustrator and artist Lois Ehlert in “Lois Ehlert: A Creative Life.” Ehelrt’s work is joined by an exhibition of work by MIAD students in their transformative junior years.


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