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The goal of the Ello & Guido Brink Fund for the Support of Multidisciplinary Art is to integrate the various fine arts mediums and incorporate new technologies into the arts. The lecture series brings in artists representing multiple disciplines, to lecture at MIAD and be involved with students in classes, critiques and seminars. Throughout their visits, the artists address the multidisciplinary aspects of their work.

brink artists composite 0809

2008/2009 Series
Janet Zweig
Margot Lovejoy
Mirta Kupferminc

2007/2008 Series
Julie Shapiro
Tom Nakashima
Michael Ashkin

2006/2007 Series
Ada Medina
Cory Arcangel
George Krause

2005/2006 Series
Hal Rammel
Santiago Cucullu
Jim Campbell 
Glenn Goldberg