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The MIAD community will honor the earth and the college’s commitment to the environment, sustainability and saving energy through a collaborative weeklong educational and charitable program beginning April 20.

“Going Styrofoam-Free,” Monday April 20: Styrofoam disappears from the cafeteria as students, faculty and staff learn about biodegradable alternatives and sign the Green Manifesto. 

“Recyclables Drive Kick-Off,” Tuesday, April 21: The college community will collect old cell phones and used batteries for appropriate recycling. Clothing and extra art supplies will also be collected for donation to the Salvation Army and Artists Working in Education. 

“Saving Energy,” Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22: Kelly Boettcher of WE Energies explains how MIAD is working to become more energy efficient while providing tips for decreasing personal energy use and our carbon footprint. 

“Healthy Waters,” Thursday, April 23: Evan McDaniels from the Environmental Health Program of the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center speaks about how our community, and artists and designers especially, can sustain river health. 

“Keeping Milwaukee and MIAD Beautiful,” Friday, April 21: Students and staff beautify the landscape at the MIAD Union, and then weed garlic mustard and plant trees at the Urban Ecology Center, where they will also tour Riverside Park and the center’s sustainable building. 

For more information, download earthweek2009.