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Dave Olsen, 2004
Designer, Rafeal Vinoly Architects PC
San Francisco, California

portraitI am a designer at Rafeal Vinoly Architects PC. Our main office is located in New York, but I have been working out of the San Francisco office, which is specific to the development of the New Stanford Hospital (NSH) project. The NSH project is 820,000 SF high-rise hospital that will replace the existing facility as part of Senate Bill 1953. My involvement in the project is several capacities: production, design, and problem solving. I have developed a set of polished construction drawings utilizing BIM software (Revit), and have been intimately involved with the advancement of the interior architecture of the public spaces. Further, I have had the privilege of being involved with the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process, which facilitates pre-construction subcontractor integration with the design team prior to the final bid set being issued and before construction. Not the typical Design-Bid-Build process, I have had the opportunity to coordinate building systems in a construction model to resolve challenges before they occur in the field.

New Stanford HospitalNew Stanford Hospital

My education at MIAD fostered a sense of intellectual independence in contrast to conventional architecture programs. MIAD has a heavy focus on critical thinking coupled with an engaging environment. The program reinforced my spacial voice while providing a safe environment for design exploration.

New Stanford Hospital Atrium New Stanford Hospital Atrium