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Danielle Rosen, 2011
Integrated Studio Arts major, Writing minor
Graduate student at the University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Danielle Rosen is currently a graduate student pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, where she lives and works. During her studies, Rosen has worked as a teaching assistant for William Pope L., Karthik Pandian, Geof Oppenheimer, and Scott Wolniak. In addition, she has served as a gallery attendant at DoVA Temporary and as an administrative assistant for the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago. Rosen is in the process of applying for teaching positions across the United States.

“My education at MIAD was integral to my development as an artist and thinker. MIAD helped me to build a balanced practice that employs critical thinking skills and meticulous attention to craft. The generous faculty offered me ample time and provided continuous dialogue and support. That said, I was allowed enough freedom as an Integrated Studio Arts Major to structure a program of study for myself. This enabled me to manage my own research interests and time, a skill that is crucial to the sustainability of an artistic practice. If given the choice to revisit my selection of schools for undergraduate studies, I would whole-heartily return to MIAD.”

"An Encyclopedia," photographic prints, chapbooks, sound works, and microfilm slides, 2011-2013 

Rosen’s work is concerned with forms of empirical knowledge and taxonomic systems used to define the perceptual experiences and reproduction methods of non-human animals.