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MIAD’s Adult Learning program continues this summer with the Creative Educators’ Institute, an innovative one-week program July 26 – July 30.

Highlights include:


  • Support for teachers’ classroom work through the development of their own portfolio
  • Integration of onsite studio work and the development of lesson plans in art and design that foster best practices in classroom critiques
  • Creative showcasing of student work and curricular use of technology and social media
  • Yearlong access to an online Educators’ Exchange, a forum for sharing ideas, lesson plans and selected video segments of workshops

“We are excited to offer not only these program elements, but also an elective on reflective writing by Provost David Martin that will help participants develop a plan for state teacher licensing,” said Jill Kunsmann, Director of Pre-College and Adult Learning.

“Most important, peer-to-peer learning, interaction and resources, and the impact of our highly talented CEI faculty, will not end after the one-week intensive program, but will be fostered online throughout the year.”

Click here for program and faculty details, and to register online before June 30.