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A Painter Makes His Mark.

  • graduated 1993, BFA Painting
    2003, MFA University of Mississippi
  • currently teaches in the Outreach + Continuing Education Program @ The University of Mississippi
Brad Bernard

Brad Bernard

“The MIAD Career Services Office helped me to establish a diverse client/reference base as well as a versatile portfolio. I also began my first teaching experience through a collaboration between MIAD and the Inner City Arts Council.”

As a child, Brad Bernard hoped to become a comic book artist. His degree in Painting from MIAD led him in different and ultimately unique directions — art education, professional art, and community service. His showing experience is extensive — Milwaukee’s Black Holocaust Museum, the Mississippi Museum of Art, the University of Mississippi-Oxford, as well as several murals to his credit.

Asked about the relationship of artist to community and culture, Bernard responded, “I wish that every living being on the planet would come to the realization that Humanity is about love, reciprocity, and a collective communal understanding. In dedication to the creator.”

Bernard at his Master's Thesis Exhibition.

Bernard at his Master’s Thesis Exhibition.

Bernard Paintings

Bernard Paintings