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Ben Husnick
BFA Interior Architecture and Design | 2010

Arthur Talayko
BFA Industrial Design | 2011

Founders, Designers and Fabricators
The Good Land Studio
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A few years after graduating from MIAD with an interest in furniture and building, Ben Husnick sought his own design-build commissions, capitalizing on his experience as a cabinetmaker and contract fabricator. Soon after, Arthur Talayko joined Husnick in design and fabrication. Together they formed The Good Land Studio, a partnership to explore ideas of making honest objects and spaces to enrich their community. For Husnick and Talayko, each commission and gallery exhibition is an opportunity to push their craft, challenge tastes and offer Milwaukee something new to enjoy.

“Before coming to MIAD I had a summer job as a rough carpenter. I was often moved by the buildings we were constructing and by the people willing to share their methods of the trade. It became clear to me that I wanted to continue to explore and execute construction methods. Interior Architecture and Design (IA+D) introduced me to the principles of design surrounding buildings, the spaces they create and the furniture within them. Integrating building methods and practicing design became my primary language. I now devote my time to discussing the importance of well-designed, well-built spaces, furniture and objects. I take great pride in what I do and share it with all who are curious.” 
   – Ben Husnick

“I transferred to MIAD with the intention of learning skills to design and produce toys. As soon as I started making with wood and metals and plastic alongside a critical design dialogue of thoughtful peers, I began to see the importance of design and making. I glimpsed the value of challenging how the world around us is made and my desire grew to have a proactive role in the built world. MIAD allowed me to pursue processes in wood working and welding, encouraged me to develop my own ideas and challenged my resourcefulness. I continue my education, using what sparked at MIAD to design and make for and with the city I live in.”
   – Arthur Talayko

Rice N Roll, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 2015.
Design and fabrication, restaurant interior, signage, sourced lighting and furniture.
Pine, beech, ash, cedar, subway tile, metal.

Day Chair. 2014.
Version in hard maple, white and red oak, walnut, ash.
2015 International Contemporary Furnishing Fair participant, New York, New York.

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