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MIAD partners with Medical College in the Art of Medicine

As part of the new Art of Medicine Through the Humanities program at the Medical College of Wisconsin, fourth-year MCW students joined MIAD Professor Will Pergl’s figure sculpture class for a "Body in Sculpture" session on February 22.

The session at MIAD, one of 40 in the program, was designed to help "connect the medical students’ hands, eyes and mind in consideration of the human body as a whole," said Pergl. "This potent, sensory experience, coupled with exposure to artistic practices involving the body as subject, content and metaphor, will expand the way medical students see and perceive the body."

Medical student Anderson Bauer said, " We’ve learned a lot about anatomy, but this helps us appreciate that the human body is an art form and that we should be careful not to reduce it solely to a scientific thing."