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Anastasia image | MIADSamoylova, an artist and educator based in upstate New York, finds inspiration in her Russian roots.  Samoylova is inspired by the work of Russian Romantic poets, drawing from their intense descriptions of nature and employing them in her own work.

“Landscape Sublime” is on view in the Perspectives Gallery Sept. 21 – Oct. 31.

 Samoylova finds added influence in the stock photography of pristine beaches, majestic mountains and other idyllic natural landscapes.  In her series, “Landscape Sublime,” she redefines traditional nature imagery, transforming stock photos into three-dimensional forms to be photographed.  She employs props such as mirrors and wrapping paper to create these unique images. 

“Landscape Sublime” offers a different take on traditional photography, in which the final product takes a simple element of nature and creates a geometric and abstract work.  

Samoylova is an assistant professor of photography at Bard College at Simon’s Rock.  Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; it is also in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and ArtSlant Prize collection in Paris.

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