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Opgenorth has exhibited artwork internationally, including Helsinki Contemporary (Helsinki), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Espai Cultural Caja Madrid (Barcelona), Museo del Patrimonio Municipal (Malaga), Milwaukee Art Museum, Krannert Art Museum (Champaign), The Rennaissance Society (Chicago), The Soap Factory (Minneapolis), Woodbury University Hollywood Exhibitions (Los Angeles), Mireille Mosler Ltd. (NYC), Betty Reimer Gallery (Chicago). He is Mary L. Nohl established Artist Fellowship recipient and his work has been the subject of articles and reviews in Art Forum International, Art Papers, New Art Examiner, Bridge Magazine, Smithsonian’s Eye Level, Disruptive Pattern Material, and Camoupedia. 

Additional Information: Harvey Opgenorth’s multi-disciplinary practice is propelled by the desire to challenge and illuminate the complex action – and boundless subject – of perception. He continually creates open arenas and experiences for an audience to engage with both the apparent and the convert frameworks that guide the ways in which we see, act, and comprehend. More specifically, the work questions the contexts of art (from the personal to the institutional) and investigates how these can reveal and or obscure the meaning of the artworks themselves. He coyly questions attention in order to reveal and critically comment upon insight, material/immaterial labor, and modes of display. Encouraging heuristic appraoches to unpack the work, the work attempts to ameliorate the binaries of modernism by queering the assumptions imposed by vision.