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Anne Morningstar is a Midwestern native, born in 1986. Growing up in the corn fields of Indiana provided Morningstar with an endless landscape of inspiration, where she established her realtionship with time and space; coupled with an interest in cause and effect, time and space has become the underlying theme in all of Morningstar’s work. Morningstar graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Time-Based Media from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and holds a Master of Science in Tellecommunications, New Media from Indiana University. Morningstar considers herself an Interdisciplinarian with a keen sense for educating. Her work has been exhibited nationally, through: galleries, juried art shows, travelling exhibitions, and film festivals. Today, Morningstar works as a freelance artist and designer, serves on the Board of Crooked Tree Arts Center, is a full-time Professor of Digital Art and Design at North Central Michigan College, and co-owns Bear Creek Organic Farm where she is the mastermind behind the bussines’ design, marketing, and social media presence.