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Award-winning, Senior designer working for over 15 years as a lead design in custom interior architecture. Develope working sets of interior drawings with details in framing, electrical, reflected ceiling, finished flooring, tile elevations and custom built-in elevations for home builders nationally and internationally. 

Additional Information: While at MIAD, I developed a strong portfolio of fabricated work, and gained invaluable real-world work experience. I was given great opportunities to design and build my concepts during my four years in IAD at MIAD. Winner of the Student Union Coffee Bar design in 1996. Worked along with fellow student and professor Robert Lynch to design the IAD Senior Studio and 4th floor Illustration Department. 

Honors and Awards: Aurora Grand Award for best Interior Detailing, Gold Prism Award for Recreation/Amenities/Clubhouse. Volunteered design time and labor to Habitat for Humanity homes.