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Kim Groshek, M.S. CS & M.S. MIS, is the CEO and a Business Performance Advisor for OneCore Insights® a team that delivers value to companies and performance making a lasting impression. Being the Principal Owner at OneCore Insights® for over a decade, she knows business and what it takes to perform. She is a guest keynote speaker at professional events. Kim is also the founder and publisher at Creatively Canny, this company produces films, plays, music, toys, and books, an award-winning corporation. 
additional_information: As a producer of the kids play based on my book NATE THE DRAGON, and piloting my TV series SMART KIDS TV and illustrating and publishing over 7 kids books, I can only say THANKS! MIAD has been and always will be an integral part of teaching my skills as an artist, illustrator and visionary. I credit the faculty for teaching me the discipline, deep quality and composition and focus on detail and color.  Many since have asked where I received my creative training and I always credit MIAD to be the base to help me build where I am today. And for that I say thank you!