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Upon graduation from Layton Art, I entered the USAF as a photographer. After my service I was a photographer for the Las Vegas News Bureau, the Lake Tahoe News Bureau and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I had my own commercial studio in Las Vegas for more than a decade before entering into a full-time Christian ministry. I now do photography for my own enjoyment and for friends and family (and the occasional sale) consisting of landscape and travel photographs.

My journey in photography has seen enormous changes. It began while I was in jr. high school by developing black & white film and making contact prints. Photographic technology has changed completely in this digital age but the basics of lighting and composition remain the same principles I learned from Gerhard Bakker at The Layton School of Art. I treasure my time there and the career it opened for me. I am pleased that MIAD has continued to give others the same opportunities that Layton gave me.