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I was born in Milwaukee, but I grew up in West Allis. I received my first real art education in grade school. After that, I went on to Middle school and took art classes there both years. This was the first time that I really enjoyed art and explored my interests. Then I went to High school (West Allis Central) and took art all four years there. That’s when I knew I had a true talent in art. I knew this because every time I drew a picture or made a print, I became better in those skills. In junior year of high school I entered in the Scholastic Art award competition that involves students from the whole state of Wisconsin. The judges picked out my print that I made in print relief and honored me with a Silver key award. In my senior year I did the same thing and submitted a mixed media collage and a photograph. That year I won a Gold key for my collage, and a Silver key for my photo. My art got to hang in the Milwaukee Art Museum for a month with fam
 ous artists like Andy Warhol. Those two years were an important part of my life. That’s when I knew I wanted to become an artist, and keep striving to improve my work. I attended school at MIAD and graduated in 2014 with my BFA in Integrated Studio Arts (ISA).