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Georgia Lloyd

David Century Plants. Digital.

Georgia Lloyd
BFA Fine Arts/Photography | 2011
Art History Minor

Fine Art Photographer
Owner and Lead Photographer, Twin Lens Weddings
Austin, Texas 

“During my four years at MIAD, I learned to see differently – how to develop my vision, and ensure my photos reflect my intent.  The rigorous assignments and critiques at MIAD helped me understand how the visual language works, and this is an essential skill for any creative endeavor.  Having a small, tight-knit community meant I got lots of one-on-one time with faculty who offered me support both during school and after graduation.  Looking back, I think the most valuable aspect of my MIAD education was gaining the confidence to represent myself, sell my work and believe in my skills.”

David Century Plants. Digital.
Millipede Jar. Digital.
Cattail Falls. Digital.
Thunderstorm, Backyard, Night, Marathon. Digital.
Arm, Crystal Necklace, Rainbow. Digital.
Cloud Mountains. Digital.
Various Twin Lens Wedding Photography. Digital.

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