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Assistant Professor of Illustration
Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, Ohio

Freelance Illustrator & Animator

osgood mad men


Adam Osgood is an Assistant Professor at the Columbus College of Art & Design and teaches a variety of Illustration courses with a focus on bridging motion, 3D, and interactive with illustration concepts and ideals. Osgood has worked as an illustrator, motion artist, and designer for clients such as Hyundai, Aquent, Barnes & Noble, Chico’s, Exxon Mobil Corp., and Rockwell Automation. His illustration & motion work have won several awards and been featured at national and international film screenings. He earned a BFA in Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and a Master of Art & Design in New Media/Animation from North Carolina State University.


“There are two facets to my professional career. One one side I’m an illustrator and animator pursuing freelance work. On the other I teach in the Illustration department at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

From the perspective of my freelance work, the Illustration program at MIAD provided me with the fundamentals of design, an attention to craft, and the importance of narrative and concepts. The curriculum at MIAD does a wonderful job of training artists to approach and tackle projects in a way that enables repeated success in their work.

As far as my academic career, I had never given teaching any thought until my sophomore illustration professor, Chris Beetow, asked me to be her teacher’s assistant for a summer program. Through this, I discovered that I really loved working with students and sharing my craft. The illustration faculty supported my endeavors to continue on to grad school and provided some important early teaching opportunities. Overall, I think its the people at MIAD that really make it special. The relationships that I made with peers and faculty have and continue to support my professional career as an illustrator and educator.”