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MIAD Communication Design students, alumni rack up big honors at 2017 United Adworkers Milwaukee 99 Awards

Dec 14, 2017

MIAD Communication Design students and alumni were the recipients of some of the biggest awards at the 2017 United Adworkers Milwaukee 99 awards show.

Mix | Alison Garza

Mix | Alison Garza

Alison Galarza ’17 won the Student Gold Award for “Mix,” her MIAD senior thesis project completed for the Spring 2017 semester.

“Mix” is a subscription box service that uses cooking as a tool to learn a new language. “I wanted this project to showcase my strengths as a designer, but I also wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things,” said Galarza.

Daniela Valle Chavelas ’17 and Nathan E. Fetherston ’18 also won Student Merit Awards.

Codex de Manjares | Daniela Valle Chavelas '17

Codex de Manjares | Daniela Valle Chavelas ’17

Codex de Manjares | Daniela Valle Chavelas ’17Galarza didn’t just win a student award. As a designer with Serve Marketing, she won multiple non-student awards, too, such as a Silver Award for a Women’s Point of Omaha public service campaign along with Carsyn McKenzie ’14, an art director.

Galarza believes MIAD’s preparation made her transition from student to graphic design professional a seamless one.

“MIAD’s CD program really sets students up for success by emphasizing the importance of professionalism. The faculty push students to do internships, create professional portfolios and get as much exposure as they can,” she said.

Alpha Hepto | Nathan Fetherston '18

Alpha Hepto | Nathan Fetherston ’18

Several other alumni took home awards:

  • Rebecca Mader ’14, a designer at Cramer-Krasselt, won a Gold Award for a Pick n’ Save newspaper single.
  • Jillian Turbessi ’14, a senior designer at Hanson Dodge Creative, won a Silver Award for a United Adworkers poster campaign.
  • Ryan Strzok ’13, user experience designer with BVK, won a Silver Award in the “Digial:Websites” category for the Milwaukee Ballet.
  • Art directors Kelsey Barnowsky ’11 and Ryan Strzok ’13 and web developer Benjamin Gray ’04 of Serve Marketing won a Bronze Award in the “Public Service Digital: Websites” category for Women’s Fund of Omaha.
  • Other merit award winners included Maxx Valenti ’10, Mike Brenner ’00, Rachel Topf ;14 and Lauren Cook ’16.

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