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Michael Mazza

Michael Mazza ’80 is riding the wave.

Since graduating from MIAD, Mazza has worked as an art and creative director all over the world, in places like Milwaukee, Phoenix, Dallas, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Now living in San Francisco, he is a published author. His debut novel, “That Crazy Perfect Someday,” is available now in stores and online.

The novel follows Mafuri Long, a champion female surfer who must learn to navigate not just eighty-foot waves but also Internet fame, conniving competitors and fragile family bonds in the year 2024.

Mazza hopes that his novel entertains his readers and stays with them. “I’ve never come across a novel about a professional female surfer and thought how much I’d like to write a smart portrayal of one living in a world of high-stakes competition, and the family drama that comes with it,” says Mazza.

That Crazy Perfect Someday

He also hopes the book will be successful enough to allow him to publish another. He believes his MIAD degree has helped him achieve success in his career so far.

“Those formative years at MIAD laid the bedrock for me to be myself, and find my creative voice, and have the confidence to express it differently from others—sensibilities I’ve applied to the novel,” he says.

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Image 1: Michael Mazza; Credit: Claude Shade

Image 2: That Crazy Perfect Someday cover