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What do you get when you take the radical thinkers of MIAD and add more radical thinkers from across the Midwest?

A conference.

Industrial design professionals will come together as MIAD hosts the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Midwest District Design Conference, April 28-29, 2017.

“Radical Concepts” is the theme, and various workshops, panels and talks will focus on the dynamic field of industrial design and how to affect change with innovative thinking. Speakers include MIAD faculty Joe Ellice and Lawrence Murphy, staff and alumnus Ricky Heldt ’96 and alumni Steve Hyma ’09 and Natalie Schraufnagel ’08.

MIAD’s Student Merit Award winner is Emily Siira ’17.

MIAD Industrial Design Professor John Caruso says that MIAD hosting this conference “is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for the college and our students.”

The conference is also a good fit for the college, as the theme “fits into MIAD’s philosophy and mission to empower different thinking to impact the world,” he added.

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To view the conference’s schedule of events, click here.

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