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Diana Whitney Winter Stamps

Three MIAD Illustration students have been accepted to the 2017 Society of Illustrators Annual Student Scholarship Competition.

Lauren Parra ’17, Diana Whitney ’18 and Tony Holz ’19 will have their work on view this May in the Student Scholarship Exhibit at the Society of Illustrators’ Museum of American Illustration in New York City. Their work will also be printed in a catalogue, and have the chance to win one of 25 scholarships.

The prestigious competition is open to US and international undergraduates. This year, there were 2,349 entries representing 78 schools, and only around 300 were selected. Work is chosen based on quality of technique, concept and skill of medium.

Tony Holz SnapChat

“Illustration helps me channel life clearly and honestly, so to be recognized on this level is truly gratifying,” said Holz.

Parra adds that the honor “is a way for me to see that I am improving my work and that it is having an impact on people in some way.”

Learn more about MIAD’s Illustration program here.


Lauren Parra Salmon Run


Image 1: Diana Whitney, Winter Stamps

Image 2: Tony Holz, Snap Chat

Image 3: Lauren Parra, Salmon Run