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Left-handed, night owl, bike rider, Jimmy Neutron fan—these are all ways to describe Ethan Keister ’17. Now, he can add another thing to the list.

Ethan Keister


Keister, a Communication Design senior, was just named a 2017 Student to Watch by Graphic Design USA, saying, “I feel incredibly honored. It really shows that MIAD pays attention to its students and the work that they produce.”

“Ethan is someone who dove in head first and completely immersed himself in his education,” Dale Shidler, Chair of 2D/4D Design, says. “He is curious and thoughtful in his approach to design research.”

It’s under the direction of people like Shidler that Keister believes he’s flourished.

“Design trends change and shift, but knowing how to communicate your ideas is a skill that never loses its value,” he says, adding that “the design programs really try to push that, all while connecting you with the right people and resources.”

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